You’ve Gotta Be Kidding Me?

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here or not, but Sweety has become very active in the Sports Association at BB’s school. So active that he is now the vice-president of the group. I am not so crazy about his involvement because he spends a lot of his spare time doing things that deal with it and I think work keeps him busy enough. It’s like he has no downtime.

One of the big issues with the organization is how to raise money for the different sports teams. They had a meeting several weeks ago and voted on having a cornhole tournament. Since Sweety suggested it, all plans fell to him. Okay. Fine. But EVERYONE in the association knew about it.

It was today.

How many people (besides the baseball coach and association president) from the association showed up? That would be less than one. Zero. I’m pissed. Sweety worked hard to make the game boards for the game and I made up flyers that the association asked for so they could hand them out and not ONE of those people showed up?!

Who did show up? Sweety’s friends, bless their hearts. One guy and his family drove from 45 miles away but the people who are members of this community and voted on having this thing and are walking distance from where it was held didn’t come.

Sweety said some of the association members had expressed disdain over the fact that the game is called cornhole. You throw sacks of corn at a board with a hole in it – hence the name. There’s a national group for it. They have tournaments and whatnot. Sweety thinks some people are going to say they didn’t come because they didn’t like the name of it. I told him to tell them to get over their homophobic tendencies and that the flyer very clearly referred to a board game and not ass fucking.

Well, at least we have four new cornhole boards now. We can play two games at once! I think I’m ready to host a gathering here since we have something to do for fun now besides harass the dogs.