A Fairly Perfect Day

Yesterday I woke up with the urge to clean the house. So I did. And it is lovely. It’s not sanitary but it’s cleaner than it has been in awhile (I organized my bookshelf! That was a chore and a half!) and the place smells nice.

This morning I woke up and my first thought upon looking around was, “Holy shit! The house is clean! There’s no laundry either! I can go back to sleep!” So I lit a candle, fed Oliver and tucked Tiny Dog into bed with me. We slept until about noon when Sweety called and woke me.

I got up and wandered naked around the clean house.

I opened the doors and windows to let the cool air in and to give the dogs free reign of the back yard. I heard a noise at the front door and realized I should probably have a robe handy. I darted into the bedroom and put my robe on and saw the mailman coming up the sidewalk. Normally, I’d let him drop the package off at the door while I hid but I’d locked the screen door to the porch and was afraid he’d take the package back instead of leaving it on the sidewalk outside of the screened in porch.

I unlock the porch and he hands me a heavy box. A really heavy box. Big enough to hold with one hand but heavy. About this time Oliver darts out the door and approaches the mailman. Mailman asks if he’s friendly and I laugh awkwardly and say “Sometimes!” while trying to hold the box while trying to prop the screen door open with my foot while trying to grab Oliver before he ran while trying to not let my tits or coochie out from under the robe.

Oh, guess what gave? I dropped the box and flashed the mailman and Oliver gave me the stinkeye when I scooped him up. The little asshole.

Then I got ready to go out with Sweety! Tonight was the concert to see Merle Haggard! We were four rows off of the stage and it was pretty damned cool. I obeyed the signs that forbade bringing in cameras. Next time, I’ll take my camera like everyone else did. This is the best photo I managed to take with my phone.

Merle Haggard @ Daytona Beach

This was right when he hit the stage and he was singing “Silver Wings”.

Even though I didn’t take any photos, I did manage to sneakily record some songs. They have already been downloaded and dumped into my iTunes library. Of course, they are all songs that I already have but these are MY songs now. To alleviate my guilt over recording songs – I went ahead and purchased his latest album. I hadn’t even listened to it because I was afraid it would suck but he played some of the new songs tonight and I liked them.

He also did my favorite song “Okie From Muskogee”. I was so excited during the show that I couldn’t quit smiling. My face hurts. Sweety noted that I was the most sedate concert-goer he’d ever seen because I was so still. When I’m seeing something like that, I don’t move. I want to be as still as possible so I can suck everything in. I was too excited to talk when it was over. I kept stuttering.

Thursday rocked.