It’s Hard To Think Up Titles When Your Mind Is Full of Nothing

This has been one lazy week.

I was supposed to work last Saturday but only lasted a couple of hours in the hellhole before coming home. I don’t like my job but I’ll do it. I get extremely annoyed though when the very basic tools for my job aren’t available. And sick *cough*cough*….Sweety came home to find me and Tiny Dog under the covers. He peeled the blanket off of my face and asked what I was doing home. When I told him “hiding from work” he tucked me back in and went away.

Saturday night we went to a local restaurant/bar. I was meeting a couple of girlfriends from work and Sweety wasn’t going to come but I talked him into it after I got there. They place had a sign up saying they were going to charge $5 after 9 o’clock to watch the UFC fight. (I hadn’t even realized there was a fight that night.) I thought this meant if you got there before then that you wouldn’t have to pay and sent Sweety a text to come up. The bartender tried to collect $5 from us after we’d been sitting there eating and drinking for 2 or 3 hours and that really ticked me off. Sweety spoke to the manager and the people in our group didn’t have to pay. Note to self: go somewhere else for the next UFC fight.

Have I mentioned my love for UFC fighting? For the longest time it was my little secret. Sweety would be away bowling on Friday nights and I’d come home from work and watch a fight channel for hours. He got home one night early and surprised me. He had a genuine look of shock on his face when he saw what I was watching. I like to watch men beat the hell out of each other.

I have a bad habit of staying awake at night until the wee hours of the morning. I watch the television while playing games on my phone. If I try to sleep I twitch around in the dark. But I have discovered a magical cocktail! If you take two generic sleeping pills and two melatonin as soon as you get home? The Sandman bashes you in the head right about the time you get done with showering and brushing your teeth. As an added bonus – when your asshole weenie dog and his yapping little chihuahua friend start losing their minds at 2 a.m.? You will either sleep right through it or wake up long enough to let them out and then fall right back asleep.

Waking up this morning was a complete repeat of last Thursday. Realized the house was STILL clean (holy shit, a week! I’ve kept up with things for a week!), fed the Oliver and tucked Tiny Dog back in bed with me. I did wake up long enough to have a sandwich. Then I went back to bed while things digested.

The sandwich?

On Sunday we went to a friend’s house for the SuperBowl and I came home with a bowl of her spinach dip. I love me some spinach dip. This morning’s sandwich was spinach dip on good bread.

I’m going to have another now.