I’m Not All Bad

I like shiny things. A lot. Probably more than I should. I get all sweaty when I’m in a jewelry store because I get so excited.

Many moons ago, I was scheming. Sweety and I usually get up on Sunday morning and go have breakfast or lunch somewhere. I was thinking that I’d like something shiny. Maybe a little ring. So I suggested to Sweety that we go to a sports bar/restaurant that I am not a huge fan of because it is right next door to a jewelry store.

While at the restaurant, I encouraged Sweety to drink beer. Lots of beer. Then we strolled over to the jewelry store. I’ve always wanted a tennis bracelet (shiny! all of that shiny!) and I tried one on that was the same style as the “duchess” bracelet except it was bigger. It was like wearing tiny suns on my wrist. I loved it. Sweety saw that I loved it and said that he would get it for me.

I immediately felt guilty because my plan was to get him tipsy and get something small and shiny. Not go crazy in there.

But we got it.

I wore it every day to work and the only time I took it off was when I showered. As much as I like pretty jewelry, I don’t wear it to show it off. Sweety didn’t even realize I was wearing it to work because I always wear a giant, ratty denim shirt to work because it’s so cold and the shirt covers my hands. He asked me about the bracelet and I had to roll up my cuff to show it to him.

The place we got it from gave you 30 days to return something for a full refund and my conscience was wearing on me. It seemed very, very wrong that I’d take advantage of a beer-soaked Sweety to gain something so frivolous. I took the bracelet back on day 29.

I learned that there is a limit to how manipulative I can be.