Letting It All Hang Out

Yesterday at work I took advantage of using the empty office that the nurse had directed me to to pump milk in. (Wow, that is the worst sentence ever…) This was during my short break so as soon as I got in there, I whipped off my shirt, hooked up and started eating my soup while things happened.

I’m slurping away and out of the corner of my eye I see something flicker so I look over.

I look over to see that the mini-blinds are wide open and the window that I’m standing in front of is along the sidewalk that leads up to our main entrance. And look! Walking away is the back of one of my podmates! Walking by are happy people on their way to work or lunch! I quickly and awkwardly crept over to the window and closed the blinds.

I wonder how many people got a look at me during those 7 oblivious minutes? I think I’ve finally got it all down for work though. Today I managed to make it into the appropriate room and get the job done without involving anyone else.

Sweety is pretty upset. He found out tonight that his father sold his grandparents house along with all of the contents. Family photos, his grandpa’s awards, his grandma’s quirky paintings, furniture handmade by his grandpa. All that kind of stuff. After his grandparents died a few years ago, Sweety, his sister and his dad went to the house and moved a very few things out. They didn’t have a truck with them and Sweety and his sister were of the understanding that sometime when his dad was down here that they would go through stuff better. Apparently his dad didn’t want to fuck with things and didn’t think to ask anyone if they maybe wanted anything of their grandparents.

Sweety’s dad came down a couple of weeks ago and wanted to see the Bean before he went home. We played the “hurry up and wait” game while we tried to figure out when he would come over or where we could meet him. We finally got hungry on Day Two and went out to eat and called to tell him where we’d be and that he could meet us there if he wanted. Bean slept through the meeting. I was jealous of her unconsciousness.

Right now Sweety is asleep. I got in bed and turned the computer on and I guess the light from the screen woke him and I heard him mutter, “motherfucking bitch”. I picked up a remote control and just barely kept from using it to brain the living shit out of him. Instead, I shook him while clutching the remote and asked him to repeat what he just said. He screamed awake and asked me what my problem was and didn’t believe me when I told him what he’d said.

I told him that I’m almost starting to think that he’s only pretending to talk in his sleep. Then I told him to go back to sleep. He asked how in the hell was he supposed to go to sleep while worrying about taking a remote control upside the head. Heh.

He just rolled over and said, “And you came in to save the day!”. His regular snoring resumed right after.

Someone’s favorite place is the shower. Sweety’s been taking a shower with Bean almost every night since she was around 3 weeks old.

Showering with your baby. That’s one of the things that I got really excited about when I realized that she’s our baby and we can do whatever we want with her! Sweety had mentioned showering with her and I looked at him like he was crazy and told him absolutely not. What if he dropped her? And I’d never heard of a baby being in the shower. When Bekah came to visit, I told her that Sweety wanted to shower with her thinking that she too would think it was crazy. Instead, she told me that she showered with her kid when she was a baby all of the time.

Oh. Ok. Hey, this is our baby and we can take a bath with her! Yay!

It's good to be clean.