Thanks, kid.

The Bean is really examining me as we are getting ready to bathe.

Mom, why do you have three poke-tattoos?

They’re just things that I liked so I got them.

Oh. Ok. How do you take off a poke-tattoo?

She calls them that after learning how tattoos are applied.

You can’t. Poke-tattoos aren’t removable like yours.

But Mom, what if you really wanted to take it off? How would you?

Well, one way is with lasers. But that could hurt and they don’t always come off.

Like with a laser gun?!

Her eyes were huge and she was very interested in this information.

Uh, yeah…like a laser gun.

Wow. Mom? I wouldn’t shoot your tattoos off even if I got to use a laser gun. I’d never want to make my beautiful Mom die accidentally with a laser gun.

Awww…thanks, honey. I appreciate that.

You know why, Mom? Because only you know how to turn on my t.v. shows. Dad doesn’t know how. He can’t run the remote and find my shows.

So this is my legacy.