A thirty-something mama…stepmom…wife…

Met my husband on a blind date and married him less than three months later in 2001. (You can read about that here.) He has primary custody of the boys (BB & LB) and they are at our house during the week. We hatched a girl (aka Bean) in November 2011. I’m so in love with her that I can’t see straight.

Got a Dachshund (I’m pretty sure he’s some sort of world leader.), an alcoholic Chihuahua who likes to eat walls and a Basset Hound haunting the place. Just living the dream.

Please take a moment to admire Chi Chi 2.0 aka The Perfect Pet. You can’t hardly get any better than a freeze-dried Chihuahua.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

We all love tequila around here.