Tomorrow Tomorrow

Sweety’s last day at his job is tomorrow. Luckily, he has a new one that he will start in a couple of weeks and the current one offered some severance so not working for two weeks will be okay. I’ve been shitting my pants over this situation for months now and Sweety and his new employer hammered out his employment details today. I’m glad. I feel a little less like vomiting constantly.

Tomorrow is also the last day of his part-time job. He’s been working a few hours at night for a parcel service since September because they offer company-paid insurance after a year. We didn’t know if the new employer offered reasonable insurance until today. Sweety started the night job when he started hearing talk that his day job would be ending. The night job pays peanuts and is hard as hell. I’m glad that’s over too.

And tomorrow the Bean and I are going on a little road trip. Sweety has to drive a truck back to Atlanta on Saturday and I’m driving up to bring him back so he doesn’t have to fly. To keep Bean from having to sit in her car seat for so long, she and I are leaving tomorrow and staying close to Atlanta and after we get Sweety on Saturday we’ll stop along the way home. She’s excited about chewing gum and playing with the ipad in the car. I’m hoping she won’t constantly ask to stop and pee. A couple of times we haven’t been near a restroom when she’s needed to go so I’ll hold her and she’ll take a whiz outside. She thinks that’s hilarious and will now ask me to “pull over so I can go outside!” I refuse to actually pull off the highway and risk being ran over while holding my pantless kid. This is what empty parking lots with sewer grates were made for.


Holy cow, there was some serious tension in the house yesterday. Sweety managed to not yell at BB or use any curse words when explaining his extreme displeasure with the situation. Sweety had sent him a text pointing out that he quit a job before he even started for one he hasn’t interviewed for yet and currently has zero jobs. I guess BB showed LB the texts and LB told him, “Yeah, Dad is right.”

Sweety, Bean, and I went for a walk and when we got back could see that BB had crept out of his room to eat dinner before going back. He told Sweety that he was trying to avoid him. Everyone just hid in their own corners until bedtime last night.

What have I started doing for Bud Light? Scraping the freaking fat out of his dog food. We had a span of maybe 3 weeks where he was sleeping through the night and it abruptly ended. It ended after he went on a hunger strike and I started feeding him a different line of food from the same company I’d been using. So I’m back to feeding him what he was getting but the food is really fatty and it grosses me out. I don’t know if I’m skimming the fat out because I’m worried that it’s not good for him or if I’m doing it so I don’t have to see it when I feed him.

It wouldn’t bother me so much to take him out at night if it didn’t wake Bean up when he barks. I’m generally not asleep anyway but it’s really irritating to me to get up for his yapping ass and his yaps cause the Bean to go off.

We didn’t do too much on Mother’s Day. Got up early and had lunch somewhere then came home to nap. Sweety made kimchi for me that afternoon. He got crushed pepper instead of pepper flakes and that caused the kimchi to be insanely spicy. I thought I literally had blisters in my mouth the first time I ate it. It smells great and looks good but tastes like fire. He’s going to make a new, less lethal, batch for me soon.

The Bean suffers our foolishness.

Really, people?

Super baby

Creeped Out

The neighbors got a weird phone call today.

Some guy asked if they knew me (used my first and last name) and said he was with the Post Office. Said that UPS was delivering a package and was having a hard time finding my house. (I know the PO sometimes delivers UPS packages but never seen it the other way around) He wanted to know if I was at home. When she said that she didn’t know, he then asked her to look out to see if my car was home. She told him she didn’t know because I sometimes park in the garage. She said at that point she realized this call seemed off and told him if they needed to make a delivery that they could leave it at her house. She also asked him why he could find her phone number and knew where she was but couldn’t tell his driver where the house next door was.

Her husband called the PO and they said they didn’t have any issue with any delivery. We called UPS and they said they don’t make calls like that.

Awhile back there were a few daytime burglaries in our neighborhood. I was home one day when a young guy came to the door and when I answered, he looked past me into the house and just said that he had the wrong house and left without even saying, “Hello”. A couple of weeks later, our neighbors saw the same guy in our yard with his truck backed up to the garage and a ladder against our back gate. He hopped in his truck and sped away when she came outside and asked what he was doing.

All I can say is – I’ve had a shitty few months and have no qualms about shooting someone’s face off.

I Feel Mean

Have you ever just felt like a grouchy bitch for no reason? Yeah. That’s it for me this moment. I’m hot and sweaty and doing things around the house and I notice that Sweety’s phone keeps dinging that he’s getting texts from the coaew.

We got a juicer last weekend and have been having freshly squeezed whatthefuckever we feel like tossing into the thing. I guess she does that at her house too. She sent Sweety a text to ask if BB could start juicing over here and that he was going to do it with her too. That it would be good for his acne.

Right now, I am NOT telling Sweety, “Do you know what else would be good for his acne? If he’d wash his damned face consistently while over there. Why don’t you tell that fucknut that?” But I’m not. Because I am feeling too agitated for normal conversation right now and I don’t know why.

Hey! Bean has a tooth! You can just barely see it poking through her bottom gum but it is there. Last Saturday night she slept strangely. No crying or anything but not a lot of eating like she normally does. And then she didn’t eat too much during the day. She was just sucking her thumb and snuggling more than normal. I thought maybe she was getting a cold or something. During her afternoon nap, she grabbed my finger and started chewing on it and I was like, what the hell it THAT in there?! Yup. The tooth. No fanfare or grouchiness from her. I can only hope that the rest of them come in as easily.

Bean has started having bad dreams some nights. It’s really unsettling to wake up to her crying and yelling in her sleep and while trying to soothe her, a sleeping Sweety starts yammering at me too. Even though I feel bad for her when she’s having a bad dream, the sounds she makes still creep me out. Little kids talking/making noises in their sleep freaks me out. My objective is to calm her down as quickly as possible so she quits making those sounds.

She’s started playing on the floor a lot. Not much crawling forward movement but she has the backwards crawl down pat and a nice little scoot and roll that gets her where she generally wants to be.

Watchdog Oliver

It never fails that as soon as we get on the ground to play that the dogs come around. A whole freaking house and yard to gallivant around in and they want to be up my ass when I’ve got the tiny human out. Normally, Oliver is nosing all up on her but in the above photo he’d finally given in to my shooing him away and decided to nap. I think he guards us. No matter what room she and I go into, he will position himself right outside the door to rest. He’s a most excellent boy.

Tiny Dog? She’s not so much a fan of Bean but she tolerates her. I think it helps that Bean’s big enough that I will let her and Tiny Dog on my lap or near me at the same time and Tiny is reclaiming some of her space.

Bean has a little balance bike walker thingy that she’s starting to get acquainted with. She will drag herself over to it and shove it but isn’t using it to balance herself to walk yet. She’s just a hair too short to sit on it yet but if you put her up there she jumps up and down like she’s riding a horse.

I do what?

See that wild mane? The kid is growing a mullet on the top of her head. The hair on the sides and back is rubbed short and the stuff on top keeps growing. On the sides, you will sometimes find the rogue hair that’s managed to not get rubbed off and it sticks out an inch or two farther than its neighbors. Her hair reminds me of a busted Q-tip. Like, that Q-tip that gets dropped in the back of the drawer but you fish it out and use it because it’s the only one you can find. I like it.